One of the last projects I worked on before I returned to Norway was for a photo-shoot for Wine Country Wedding magazine. I had been working with Off The Beaten Path Weddings during the past couple months and was excited when they asked me to help them with the photo shoot. My favorite part of the project was the cake. I think the leafy “head-pieces” are super cute wrapped around the tiers. We decided to keep them simple, but you could easily make similar ones with flowers. I also love the Japanese Maple leaves in the bridal bouquet and table arrangement. Read the article here.

I’m finally uploading some photos from my wedding last year. I normally get so nervous doing flowers for weddings, but this time I was totally relaxed — I only had to worry about pleasing myself. 

My parent’s neighbor owns a wedding planning business and was incredibly generous and provided us with props and other decorating items. You can check out her site here. She also just started a new venture called Bridechilla

Photos were taken by my friends Dan and Bethany. You can check them out here. They are amazing photographers living in Boston, and I was incredibly lucky to have them for my wedding. You can see the rest of our wedding photos here.

Latest Projects

Here are some pictures of the latest projects I’ve worked on. I just finished the logo and business cards for my younger brother Steven who has been devoting his time to film. He has filmed weddings and events as well as some music videos. He also produces short sketches for Youtube. I recently posted one of his videos here. I designed a logo for my Dad’s business some time ago, but finally got his business cards printed. I’m now working on his long overdue website.

I have also finally finished the logo and packaging for a jam company that I’ve had in mind for quite some time. I created it mostly as a project for my portfolio, but the limited amount of jam I have is currently for sale. I wanted to test out a new cart plug-in that my web host is offering its customers. You can purchase the jam at:

I have also FINALLY posted some of my photos to Society6! Check those out at:

I also just finished up a website along with two other awesome guys for a gourmet food co. in Sonoma, CA. You can check the site out at: We have some additional small tweaking to do, but it’s pretty much done. 

That’s all for now. I have some more projects in the works, but those will have to wait to be posted. Hope everyone is having a killer summer!

An Olive Harvest from Steven Bailey on Vimeo.

A short film capturing the really beautiful harvesting and milling process of olives which will, by the end of it, become extra virgin olive oil.

Original music.

One of my brothers recently finished this video documenting the olive harvest for St. Helena Olive Oil Co. 

During our honeymoon in Sicily, my husband and I decided to travel up to Rome for a few days to enjoy the city and meet up with my friend and former Maid of Honor who was also traveling. One of our sightseeing tours took us to the Vatican City. I loved the Vatican Museum’s collection of antiquities. Here are some of my favorite shots taken inside a long hall lined with ancient Roman and Greek statues and busts.